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   Our services include:

  • IT Consulting — Staff and manage projects from start to finish

  • IT Development — Customize and build software exactly to your needs

  • IT Training — Enhance and re-train IT consultants with the latest technologies

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IT Caliber: Customized Solutions for Your Business

Are you tired of wasting time dealing with the daily hassles of managing your Company’s IT solutions? Wouldn’t you much rather be spending your time focusing on how you can make your business grow to reach its full potential?

That’s where we can help. We’re IT Caliber — a Houston-based IT consulting firm. We customize and provide IT solutions specifically to your business’ needs. The result: your company saves money by outsourcing its IT management, and more importantly, you have more time available to grow your business. And what Company couldn’t benefit from increased productivity?

But more free time isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy by working with IT Caliber. With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, we’re able to create IT solutions that actually help your Company increase its bottom line.

We’re a team of experienced IT professionals who can plan, design, and provide IT solutions. We can also deliver time-sensitive IT projects, and we always guarantee our work.

    If you need an IT consulting firm that can…

  • Plan and manage your technical projects
  • Provide experienced, reliable IT professionals for your short and long-term IT projects
  • Build customized software tailored to your exact needs
  • Guarantee their work

   …IT Caliber is here to help